“We attended AVCC this year, as presenters and I highly recommend the event. We have made numerous contacts regarding our funding, as well as industry contacts to further our business. FIU runs a great event, which is very professionally done. It is also unique in its efforts to make sure everyone gets to meet and talk with the right people attending to get the most out of the day…”Frederick Hutson, Founder, Fotopigeon

“This is a place where we can help propel dreams toward reality. We are honored to be here at such an important time.”Gustavo A. Cisneros, Chairman of the Cisneros Group of Companies

“We’ve met so many interesting people here, not only from the investment community but also potential partners that can help us in our endeavors overseas.”Stephen Chakoff, CEO, CHS Pharma

“We are true believers in the Americas Venture Capital Conference and the value and opportunity it offers to companies in Latin America. I personally encourage any innovative company in Latin America that is seeking to tell its story and attract investors and partners to participate and compete.” Carlos Saffie, Project Leader, Oncobiomed and winner of the Tres Mares Innovation Prize

“This has been a very important conference for us. A conference that gives Latin American entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their companies to venture capitalists and make high quality contacts is rare, unique, and pioneering.”Serge Elkiner, President and Founder of Yellow Pepper Mobile Solutions and winner of the CP Capital Inflection Venture prize

“The Americas Venture Capital Conference is an extraordinary opportunity to network with important leaders in Latin American entrepreneurship.”Gustavo A. Cisneros, Chairman of the Cisneros Group of Companies

“The Americas Venture Capital Conference will play an increasingly important role in uniting investors and entrepreneurs in Latin America.”- Eric Acher, Founding Partner of Monashees Capital

“The outstanding level of commitment our conference has received in its first year from venture investors, sponsors, and entrepreneurs has demonstrated how important it is to convene this type of gathering for those doing business in Latin America.”Dr. Irma Becerra-Fernandez, Vice Provost of Academic Affairs, Florida International University

“The presenting companies are among the most attractive set of early stage private companies I’ve seen on a stage in the last 18 months, a unique and dynamic set of companies. The networking is terrific. Miami is the logical location for this event.”Jon Karlen, General Partner at Flybridge Capital Partners of Boston

“The more you can publicize the opportunities, the region, the entrepreneurs, the better we are all going to be and that’s why I thought this conference was very very important and I hope that it is a conference that continues and really does become an annual event.”Susan Segal, President & CEO, Americas Society and Council of the Americas

“I live in Silicon Valley and coming out here and meeting the diversity of entrepreneurs I think is really, really, really, really a fascinating thing for me.”Eghosa D. Omoigui, Esq., Founder & Managing Partner, EchoVC Partners